AIS and INOXAP inked a 20-year deal for the supply of green hydrogen

INOX Air Products will supply green hydrogen to AIS's new float glass facility in Soniyana, Rajasthan. The plant will generate up to 190 metric tons of green hydrogen through the electrolysis process and would reduce carbon emissions by around 1250 MT annually and 25000 MT over the 20-year period.

AIS and INOXAP inked a 20-year deal for the supply of green hydrogen

Mumbai-Asahi India Glass Limited (AIS), India’s glass manufacturer and INOX Air Products (INOXAP) have inked a 20-year deal for the supply of green hydrogen to AIS's new float glass facility in Soniyana, Rajasthan. This will be India’s first ever Green Hydrogen Plant for the float glass industry, paving the way for sustainable glass production. It expected to launch by July 2024, the plant will have a capacity to produce up to 190 tons of Green Hydrogen annually using electrolysis, all powered by solar energy. INOXAP will handle everything from design and engineering to operations and continuous Green Hydrogen supply to AIS. Initially, 95 tons per annum of Green Hydrogen will be supplied to AIS, with the latter investing in a solar power plant to provide renewable energy for the hydrogen generation process, ensuring a green and sustainable approach to glass manufacturing.

Mr.Rupinder Shelly,COO-Architectural Glass-Asahi India Glass Ltd, said, “As a leading and responsible glass company, AIS is a strong believer in sustainability. Our partnership with INOX Air Products, for Green Hydrogen underlines the same belief. It is a matter of immense pride that AIS’s Soniyana Float Glass facility will be the first ever plant in the Float Glass industry in India to be powered by Green Hydrogen. AIS continues to invest in and build capabilities in Sustainability, Circularity, and De-carbonization. Our Greenfield plant at Soniyana targets to use 94% of its power requirements through green and sustainable energy sources. In addition to investment in solar power, AIS is investing to generate electricity from flue gases before releasing through chimney. This pioneering initiative not only exemplifies our shared vision for a greener future but also reinforces India's position as a global leader in renewable energy adoption.”

AIS is setting up a Greenfield project in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan, to produce high-quality float glass for automotive and architectural uses and partnering with AGC Europe for technology and INOX Air Products to establish a green hydrogen plant. This move aligns with AIS's sustainability goals, aiming to cut down on carbon emissions in the glass manufacturing process.

Mr.Siddharth Jain, Managing Director – INOX Air Products, said, “We are proud to begin our Green Hydrogen journey as we partner AIS for their Chittorgarh facility, and giving shape to our first Green Hydrogen Plant as well as India’s first ever Green Hydrogen plant for the Float Glass sector. This development would substantially reduce CO2 emissions with a reduction of 1250 MTPA. The trust shown by AIS in our capabilities is a testament to our expertise in safety, technology and project management. Green Hydrogen will play a pivotal role in India’s energy transition towards decarbonization and secure energy for our country as well as the planet. Under the strong leadership of PM Modi, our country has laid tremendous focus on Green economy, supported by a comprehensive National Green Hydrogen Mission, and an ambition to make India net-zero by 2070. Green Growth is the way forward, and we are firmly committed to driving significant sustainability in India’s manufacturing sector.”