Alexander Dennis Supplies Enviro200 Buses to Compass Travel

Compass Travel received five units of new Enviro200 buses, with four more coming this autumn, totalling 18 units since September 2023.

Alexander Dennis Supplies Enviro200 Buses to Compass Travel

Larbert, United Kingdom- Alexander Dennis Limited., announced that Compass Travel Limited., has received five units of Enviro200 low-emission buses and placed further orders for the same model.

Independent operator Compass Travel, a member of the ALBUM group of operators, runs services throughout West Sussex, East Sussex, Brighton, and Surrey. As the company continues to grow its network, it has standardized on the Alexander Dennis Enviro200 as its single-deck bus of choice and now operates 75 of these versatile vehicles in lengths of 8.9m, 9.7m, and 10.8m.

Mr. Michael Bishop Compass Travel Director, said “The Enviro200 works really well for us as we can put it to use on any of our services and it will always be easy to drive, efficient to run and quick to maintain. It therefore was a logical and easy decision to return to Alexander Dennis for new buses this year to replace older vehicles in our fleet. “We are impressed with the sales and support service at Alexander Dennis, which is so important in keeping our operation reliable and cost effective.”

Five new Enviro200 buses were delivered after inspection at the Alexander Dennis factory in Scarborough, with four more arriving this autumn, totalling 18 since September 2023. These low-emission buses use SmartPack technology to reduce emissions, have camera monitoring systems instead of mirrors, and feature bespoke interiors with real-time passenger information.

Mr. Mark Taylor, Regional Sales Manager for Alexander Dennis, said “We’re delighted to continue to grow our partnership with Compass Travel. Recent deliveries and the new order add another 18 Enviro200 to this exemplary fleet, providing a real benefit for passengers as well as the environment.”