Allianz Partners India patents two-wheeler mobile charger

The Two-Wheeler Mobile Charger (TMC) for electric bikes and scooters provides convenience and reliable mobility solutions for electric two-wheeler users.

Allianz Partners India patents two-wheeler mobile charger

Gurugram- Allianz Partners India Pvt Ltd, an Assistance and Services Company has received a patent from the Government of India for its Two-Wheeler Mobile Charger (TMC), entitled "System and method for recharging stranded Two-Wheeled Electric Vehicles." The patent is valid for 20 years from November 28, 2021.

Allianz Partners India has developed innovative solutions to meet the changing demands of customers and keep pace with technological advancements, ensuring its leading position in the Indian market.

The patented Two-Wheeler Mobile Charger, designed to meet the increasing demand for reliable and convenient mobile charging solutions for electric two-wheeler users. Featuring a 2.5 kW AC charging system, supported by a battery pack and inverter, it delivers 230V AC output to recharge E-bikes and scooters that require power while run out of charge on the road. Designed for seamless integration with various two-wheeler models, it provides an efficient charging solution to keep devices operational during rides. The TMC is readily accessible nationwide, including major cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, and Hyderabad.

Mr. Charu Kaushal, Managing Director of Allianz Partners India, said, "We are thrilled to receive this patent, which highlights our commitment to innovation and enhancing the customer experience. The Two-Wheeler Mobile Charger meets the real needs of electric two-wheeler riders, ensuring they remain connected and safe while on the road. This patent grant is a significant milestone for Allianz Partners India, and we look forward to bringing more such innovative solutions to our customers."

Mr.Mohit Gupta, Country Manager & Head of Operations RSA & Mobility, Allianz Partners India, said, "With its seamless integration across various models, our TMC sets a new standard for reliability and convenience in mobile charging for electric two-wheelers, across the country. This achievement reaffirms our dedication to pioneering technological advancements that redefine mobility solutions. Our initiatives also showcase our proactive commitment to environmental sustainability."

Additionally, Allianz Partners India offers comprehensive home charging installation services to over 13,000 households across more than 250 cities. Emphasizing sustainability and carbon footprint reduction, our initiatives have led to a total CO2 reduction of 1,551,382 kilograms (1,551 metric tons) in 2023. This achievement is attributed to the utilization of EV/CNG Fleet, Help on Phone (HoP), and Repair on Spot (RoS) services.