Blue Bird unveils electric step van at 2024 ACT Expo with Xos and Morgan Olson.

Blue Bird debuts electric step van Features lightweight materials for high payload, safety enhanced with "hill hold" and "electric creep," chassis offers 55-degree wheel cut for better maneuverability.

Blue Bird unveils electric step van at 2024 ACT Expo with Xos and Morgan Olson.

Macon, United State- Blue Bird Corporation., an American bus manufacturer will debut its electric-powered step van at the 2024 Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo in Las Vegas from May 20-23. The prototype, developed in collaboration with Xos Inc. a technology company, fleet services provider, and Morgan Olson, will be showcased at booth 2470.

Blue Bird is leveraging its expertise in school bus manufacturing to introduce a zero-emission step van with a 140kWh Lithium-ion battery, offering a range of up to 130 miles. The vehicle, based on a 178” wheelbase and with a GVWR of up to 23,000 pounds, features lightweight materials for maximum payload and enhanced safety. Key safety features include "hill hold" and "electric creep." The stripped chassis provides a 55-degree wheel cut for better manoeuvrability.

Blue Bird's partnership with Xos, a prominent electric truck manufacturer, and Morgan Olson, known for work truck bodies, enhances their step van prototype. Xos contributes its powertrain technology, while Morgan Olson provides the body. Blue Bird will showcase its latest low- and zero-emission vehicle technologies at the upcoming ACT Expo, solidifying its position as a leader in clean transportation.

Mr. Britton Smith, president of Blue Bird Corporation, said, “In 2022, Blue Bird introduced its EV commercial chassis concept vehicle at ACT Expo. “This week, we will debut the operating prototype of our electric-powered step van at the 2024 ACT Expo that’s based on industry-leading EV technology. For nearly a century, Blue Bird has perfected its core capabilities of designing, engineering and manufacturing school buses from the ground up. Now we are one step closer to applying our world-class vehicle manufacturing expertise and expanding our electric-powered product range to the commercial vehicle market.”

Mr. Dakota Semler, CEO of Xos, said, “We are honored that Blue Bird has chosen to entrust Xos with the technology to power its electric step van prototype. “This collaboration is a testament to the reliability, efficiency, and innovation that Xos brings to the forefront of the commercial electric vehicle market.”

Mr. Mike Ownbey, president and CEO of Morgan Olson said “We at Morgan Olson are looking forward to a productive collaboration with Blue Bird and Xos on the development of this step van prototype. “By combining the expertise of our industry-leading companies, we are confident that we can offer our existing and new step van customers a new chassis option that provides great value in the commercial vehicle market.”