BMW and Pirelli collaborate to develop an innovative winter tire

BMW Group and Pirelli introduce new winter 2 tires for the BMW 7 Series, enhancing range for electric vehicles and setting a new standard in collaboration, with significant advancements in tread pattern and compound technology.

BMW and Pirelli collaborate to develop an innovative winter tire

Munich, GermanyBMW Group and Pirelli Tyre S.P.A  have launched 20-inch P Zero Winter 2 tires for the BMW 7 Series, prioritizing range with "A class" European labelling for rolling resistance. These tires, designed for electric vehicles, deliver extended range, comfort, and top performance in winter conditions on various surfaces, setting a new standard in collaboration.

Compared to summer tires, winter tires impact the car’s range due to a higher rolling resistance because of their compounds and tread pattern designed to offer grip on snowy and wet cold asphalt. The rolling resistance of a tire describes the force required for rolling motion, directly influencing the range of a vehicle. The new 20-inch development in collaboration with Pirelli compensates for these disadvantages resulting in an extended range of up to 50km for the all-electric BMW i7 in comparison to a standard winter tire. The technological advancements in the Pirelli P Zero Winter 2 can be attributed to significant breakthroughs, particularly in the areas of tread pattern and tread compound.

Dr. Mihiar Ayoubi, Senior Vice President Development Driving Pleasure at the BMW Group, said, "We are proud to partner with Pirelli to offer our customers an exceptional driving experience that combines the known high level of snow and wet performance with a significant positive impact for our all-electric vehicles during winter times. These tires exemplify our commitment to pushing the boundaries of our cars in every dimension."

The BMW Group and Pirelli's collaboration on a new tire aligns with their sustainability goals, utilizing renewable materials and reducing CO2 emissions at their plants. This partnership underscores their shared commitment to eco-friendly mobility and tire technology advancement. The tire will debut for the BMW 7 Series in August 2024, with plans to extend the technology to other BMW models, starting with the new BMW X3 in the latter half of 2024.