BPW introduces new technology for axles

As in Formula 1, the hub with the hub bearing can be disassembled and assembled quickly via a central axle nut and without any special tools.

BPW introduces new technology for axles

Wiehl, Germany-BPW Bergische Achsen KG., manufactures axles and intelligent suspension systems for the commercial vehicle industry. Its standardising bearing technology and 9 t axles also convert axle unit loads from 10 to 12 t to Eco Plus 3 bearing technology. In addition to the Formal 1 Style wheel and dismounting through the central torque limited axle nut end of the result ease of servicing, the latest version of bearing offers other advantage in the maintenance

 It seems that a regular lower wheel size, brake type and other structural features, all BPW products in the axle load classes. aid with the innovative ECO Plus 3 bearing technology, which has already been installed in the 9 t axle segment in 2015 

The innovation of ECO Plus bearing BPW has transformed the process and maintenance of trailer axles. As in Formula 1, the hub with the hub bearing can be disassembled and assembled quickly via a central axle nut and without any special tools. If the loosened wheel bolt earlier the brake disc can be "popped out" of the calliper with a flick of the wrist after pulling off the hub.

With drum brakes, the complete wheel hub unit can be even removed and all brake components such as brake shoes can be replaced directly. The central bolt also has a combined torque limiter, whose correct bearing can be set automatically and without using the  torque wrench. They protect the free maintenance, sealed bearing system from the ingress of first by ECO Seal Sealing System.

BPW used only for DIN ISO tapered roller bearing on ECO Plus axles readily available in production. BPW is standards to ease maintenance and service, so the customers can carry out common maintenance in the shortest time, minimise downtimes and further increase availability of the trailer

Compared with the previous models, the third generation bearing technology also offers fleet operators many other advantages, particularly in terms of service, operating costs and mileage. For example, the tightening torque of the hub cap is just 350 Nm rather than 800 Nm, which makes it simpler to work on. In combination with the ECO In addition to 3 seal, an O-ring under the capsule and the enhanced, one-piece bearing spacer protect the bearing much more effectively from the dirt of vehicle operation.

Also, the bearing spacer with the grease cartridge is presently made totally of plastic and can be replaced more effectively whenever required. The exciter ring is now pressed onto the block and, in contrast to clip-on designs, can be reassembled without play after disassembly and re-used.

The common parts between the individual axle types of the ECO Plus 3 generation simplify spare parts keeping identification for customers. When servicing and maintaining ECO Plus 3 axles, the same standard tools are used. This also contributes to work faster.   

The sealed design of the bearing system facilitates high performance. So, BPW also assures high reliability for the latest version and offers a 5+3 year ECO Plus warranty for all ECO Plus 3 units in the on-road and standard off-road range. 

This applies to the axle beam, center bearing, air suspension association and air suspension hanger bracket. The guarantee is reached out by a further three years following the compulsory check after five years. This offer applies across Europe and without mileage limitations.