Brakes India and ADVICS Form JV for Advanced Braking system

This partnership, financially backed by both companies, aims to develop advanced braking systems for India's light vehicle segment, with Brakes India owning 51% and ADVICS owning 49%.

Brakes India and ADVICS Form JV for Advanced Braking system
from L TO R Mr. Vasudevan K, Mr.Keizo Oda

Chennai- Brakes India, braking systems manufacture and part of the TSF Group, is partnering with ADVICS, a premium brake system supplier affiliated with the AISIN Group, to establish a joint venture. This collaboration aims to design, develop, and manufacture advanced braking products specifically for the Indian light vehicle market.

The organization will concentrate on advancing braking technology and commencing with Electronic Stability Control (ESC). This joint initiative will be financially supported by both companies, with Brakes India having a 51% ownership and ADVICS owning 49%. Situated in southern India, the venture will require an investment exceeding INR 500 crores and will provide employment to over 300 people in the coming years.

This partnership brings together the strengths of both companies, utilizing advanced global technology, localization capabilities, quality systems, manufacturing processes, and strong customer relationships. By leveraging these resources, the joint venture will accelerate the adoption of advanced braking systems, building on the longstanding collaboration between the TSF and AISIN Group.

Mr. Vasudevan K, President Light Vehicles, Brakes India, Said, "Our investments in R&D and localisation, combined with ADVICS' proven global technology, will accelerate the adoption of advanced braking systems."

Mr.Keizo Oda, Chief India Officer, ADVICS. "Our partnership will bring operational synergies by integrating the strengths of both companies, further reinforcing safety offerings for Indian customers and consumers."