Castrol unveils new EDGE range of products in India

Castrol introduces new Castrol EDGE variants for passenger cars: EDGE Hybrid for hybrids, EDGE Euro Car for top EURO OEMs, and EDGE SUV for premium SUVs.

Castrol unveils new EDGE range of products in India

Mumbai-Castrol India Limited, an automotive and industrial lubricant manufacturing company has introduced a lineup of new products within the Castrol EDGE brand. These high-performance engine oils, renowned for their quality, have been expanded with three variants specifically created for the passenger car market, meeting the evolving needs of automotive customers.

Mr.Rohit Talwar, Vice President and Head of Marketing, Castrol India Limited, Said, “The new Castrol EDGE range features products specifically engineered for a range of vehicles, from Hybrids to European Cars and SUVs providing cutting-edge technology that exceeds the requirements of the highest industry standards. This launch reaffirms our leadership in the lubricant sector, and we are confident that Castrol EDGE will set a new benchmark in engine performance and drive business growth." 

The company announced that the freshly introduced Castrol EDGE boasts a minimum of 30% improved performance compared to stringent industry norms. Engineered and tested to adhere to the latest OEM specifications, the entire lineup, featuring PowerBoost Technology, enables drivers to confidently request heightened power and acceleration when necessary.

The launch introduces three new variants: EDGE Hybrid, designed for hybrid engines; EDGE Euro Car, tailored for top EURO OEMs like Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Land Rover, Volkswagen, Skoda, and Porsche; and EDGE SUV, specifically crafted for high-performance and premium SUVs.