Cummins acquires parts of Faurecia

Cummins acquires parts of Faurecia's commercial vehicle manufacturing plants and their associated operations in Europe and the US.

Cummins acquires parts of Faurecia

Columbus, United States- Cummins Inc., an american engines manufactures and distributes, announced that two Faurecia commercial vehicle manufacturing plants and their associated operations, one in Columbus, Indiana (U.S.), and one in Roermond, Netherlands, had been acquired by Cummins Emission Solutions. Faurecia the FORVIA Group's an automotive supplier.

Mr. Cary Chenanda Vice President of Cummins Emission Solutions, said that, The Cummins, Faurecia, and FORVIA teams have worked incredibly hard in recent months to bring this deal to a successful conclusion since we first announced our intention to purchase this division of Faurecia's company in May 2023. "This acquisition presents an opportunity for the Cummins Emission Solutions business to ensure continuity for both the staff and clients of the acquired manufacturing facilities and to ensure continued access to the technology and facilities it needs to meet current and future demand for low-emissions products. The chance to work with our fantastic new colleagues and help the clients who put their faith in us invigorates me.

Strategic Rationale

The FORVIA Group's divestiture plans gave Cummins the chance to secure the long-term supply of aftertreatment parts and assemblies. Faurecia has been a partner and supplier to Cummins for more than ten years. The acquisition expands Cummins' mixer offering and adds considerable technical and manufacturing skills. In both facilities, Cummins is committed to fulfilling the current supplier and customer contracts with Faurecia and will make the required expenditures to do so. In South Africa, South America, China, India, and South Africa, Faurecia continues to provide Cummins.


Cummins financed the transaction, which had a total transaction value of €199.2 million, using cash on the company’s balance sheet.