Daimler Buses, BMZ partnered for Zero-Emission Buses in Europe

They partner for to develop next-gen e-bus batteries with NMC4 technology for longer range and durability, aiming for CO2-neutral models in Europe by 2039.

Daimler Buses, BMZ partnered for Zero-Emission Buses in Europe
From left to right: Michael Klein, Chief Operating Officer Daimler Buses, Till Oberwörder, CEO Daimler Buses, Sven Bauer, CEO BMZ Holding, and Tomasz Jankowski, General Manager BMZ Poland

Germany/ Poland- Daimler Buses GmbH., and BMZ Poland Sp.z o.o., a group that develops and produces high-tech battery systems under the Batterien-Montage-Zentrum GmbH (BMZ) Holding GmbH., entered into partnership for the development of next-generation e-bus batteries. The NMC4 technology feature with longer range and ultra-long cycle life, available by mid- decade.


Electrically powered city buses have already been in series production since 2018, intercity e-buses by mid- decade, and electrified coaches by 2030. They aim for CO2-neutral models in every segment, starting with Europe and Latin America. By 2039, only CO2-neutral vehicles will be sold in Europe's market, with city buses achieving this by 2030.

Mr. Michael Klein, Chief Operating Officer Daimler Buses, said, “The collaboration between our companies combines two important aspects: Daimler Buses’ expertise in bus development and manufacturing as well as BMZ’s know-how in heavy-duty lithium-ion battery solutions. I am excited to see the development of an outstanding new generation of batteries for our electrically powered buses. This collaboration marks an important milestone in the shift towards zero-emission public transport across Europe.”

Mr. Tomasz Jankowski, General Manager of BMZ Poland: “Development and production of the best-in-class e-bus systems has been our strategy for a decade. We are proud to be able to work with Daimler Buses. I personally treat this nomination as an award for the consistent strategy of growth and investment into the electric bus market. Now, together with Daimler Buses, we will be able to implement this strategy on a much larger scale.”

Mr. Paweł Kępski, Head of Business Unit EV, BMZ Poland, said, ”We will extend our production in Gliwice, making this facility the first of its kind in the EU built for the purpose of bus battery production along with a fully automatic assembling line”.

About BMZ

The BMZ Group a development and production of cross-industry lithium-ion and natrium-ion system solutions. The company offers the entire value chain from the cell to battery, second life and recycling. In addition to supplying the medical, power and garden tool markets.