Daimler Truck Connects 1M+ Trucks & Buses Globally

Daimler Truck achieves a significant milestone with over 1 million connected trucks and buses worldwide, showcasing its commitment to vehicle connectivity and digital solutions that enhance fleet operations and drive towards sustainable transportation.

Daimler Truck Connects 1M+ Trucks & Buses Globally

Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany- Daimler Truck AG., has achieved a significant milestone, surpassing 1 million connected trucks and buses globally. This accomplishment underscores the company's dedication to vehicle connectivity, which serves as a bedrock for digital solutions enhancing fleet uptime, safety, productivity, and the transition towards sustainable transportation. Marcus Claesson, Daimler Truck's CIO, emphasizes the pivotal role of connectivity in fostering innovation and customer engagement.

The attainment of this milestone stems from Daimler Truck's strategic deployment of embedded telematics hardware and a robust global digital platform across all vehicle brands. By integrating this connectivity platform into various vehicle models and segments, the company has facilitated the implementation of digital products worldwide, delivering continuous value to customers and dealers alike.

These digital solutions, accessible through brands such as Mercedes-Benz Trucks Uptime, Fleetboard, OmniPlus, Truckonnect, and Detroit Connect, streamline fleet and service operations globally. Notably, remote update capabilities have significantly reduced unplanned workshop visits, exemplified by a substantial reduction in Europe and over 500,000 remote updates in North America last year alone.

Moreover, Daimler Truck's integrated connectivity platform enables seamless interaction with the logistics ecosystem, providing real-time data and insights without additional hardware requirements. Collaboration with third parties further enhances logistic solutions for customers.

In alignment with the transition to zero-emission vehicles, Daimler Truck offers eServices for battery-powered trucks, including range prediction, battery status monitoring, and efficient charging management. Looking ahead, connectivity will play a pivotal role in autonomous driving, facilitating remote support and systematic monitoring of autonomous trucks.

Customer-centricity remains paramount, with digital solutions serving as a key driver for increasing service revenue. Daimler Truck aspires to achieve an adjusted return on sales of over 12% in its industrial business by 2030, provided a favorable market environment.

Sanjiv Khurana, Head of the Connectivity Services Group at Daimler Truck, expresses pride in the team's efforts and reaffirms the commitment to enhancing trucks and buses' safety, intelligence, and efficiency through continued investment in the connectivity platform and digital solutions.

Behind Daimler Truck's success lies a dedicated team operating across regional development centers, driven by an agile mindset to deliver products and support globally. With a scalable connectivity platform, a diverse digital product portfolio, and a committed global workforce, Daimler Truck is poised to deliver further innovation while aiming for the next million connected vehicles.