DTNA and DTFS collaborate with Salem Carriers and Electrada for Electrified Logistics

Partnership to builds a sustainable future through robust charging infrastructure for zero-emission vehicles.

DTNA and DTFS collaborate with Salem Carriers and Electrada for Electrified Logistics
DTNA and DTFS collaborate with Salem Carriers and Electrada for Electrified Logistics

Portland, United States- Daimler Truck North America LLC (DTNA)., and Salem Carriers Inc., a Logistics company, are collaborating to electrify DTNA’s inbound logistics operations at Salem Carriers' hub near Charlotte, NC. Daimler Truck Financial Services (DTFS) and Electrada are providing an all-in-one Charging-as-a-Service (CaaS) solution, covering development, operation, maintenance of charging infrastructure, and energy contracts. This initiative aims to enhance sustainable transportation efforts. 

Salem Carriers which services DTNA's logistics in the Carolinas with eCascadia electric vehicles. They partnered with Electrada and DTFS to electrify their depot in Statesville, NC, and utilize en-route charging at Duke Energy's microgrid in Mt. Holly, NC. DTFS integrates leasing, electric services, and insurance into a unified cost structure for Salem. 

The initiative with Salem Carriers and DTNA focuses on expanding zero-emission vehicle integration in DTNA's supply chain across the Carolinas, aligning with their global sustainability efforts. It marks DTFS's first deployment of a comprehensive Charging as a Service (CaaS) solution with Electrada, ensuring reliable electric vehicle infrastructure and service-level agreements crucial for dependable transport operations. Salem benefits from a customized electric service program and access to Duke Energy's advanced microgrid, enhancing energy reliability and efficiency for their daily logistics operations. 

Mr. Jeff Allen, Senior VP of Operations and Specialty Vehicles at Daimler Truck North America, said “This program with DTFS, Salem, and Electrada reinforces DTNA’s commitment to decarbonization throughout the supply chain by seamlessly using Daimler vehicle and energy solutions available to all logistics enterprises today. Electrifying our inbound logistics operations is a clear testament to the reliability of DTNA’s electric Freightliner trucks, combined with high-performance charging infrastructure and rigorous energy management. There’s no better validation point to the market than being the customer of your own solution.”

Mr. Stephan Unger, CEO Daimler Truck Financial Services, said “By addressing the charging infrastructure, we are able to better support zero-emission truck goals and ultimately unlock larger environmental and social-economic benefits. This project is an important step in the DTFS transformation, from pure financial services to a complete service provider for the commercial vehicle industry.”

Mr. Dennis Giff, General Manager at Salem Carriers, said “Introducing battery electric vehicles to our operations was a new initiative. The DTFS/Electrada approach was unified, aligned with our operating needs, and set the stage to scale future electric vehicle integration into our services.”

Mr. Kevin Kushman, CEO of Electrada said “Only through the comprehensive bundling of services are logistics companies, like Salem, able to eliminate the capital, technology, and energy price volatility risks of launching a zero-emissions fleet. We’re proud to team with Daimler Truck Financial Services and Daimler Truck North America to demonstrate how to meet the reliability and TCO requirements of a critical logistics function with our zero-emissions CaaS solution.”