Eaton High-Capacity Fuses for Commercial EVs

Eaton offers tailored fuses for commercial electric vehicles, leveraging decades of industry experience

Eaton High-Capacity Fuses for Commercial EVs

Southfield, United State- Eaton Corporation., an Intelligent power management company, now offers high-capacity fuses for commercial EVs. Eaton Bussmann series fuses handling up to 1,400 amps and 900 volts. They're customizable and can be tailored to specific customer needs, with the option to increase current capability through design modifications or parallel configurations. The fuses debut at the ACT Expo, held May 20-23 in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

It’s committed to environmental protection and enhancing global living standards. Serving various markets, including data centers, utilities, aerospace, and more, Eaton focuses on sustainable operations and aiding customers in power management. By embracing electrification and digitalization trends, Eaton drives the transition to renewable energy sources and addresses critical power management issues, fostering a sustainable future for current and future generations.

Mr. Kimberley Wakelin,Engineering Manager, protection EV, Eaton. said, “We have adapted our fuses to be the ideal solution for electrified commercial vehicles, which require greater power than passenger EVs.” “Electrified vehicles are propelled by electric motors, which are cyclic and need to perform in harsh environments. This means the fuses must be able to handle such conditions and the vehicle's vibrations. Our innovative Bussmann series fuses solve that challenge, keeping up with harshness and vibration levels.” “We have the capability to do even the most difficult testing, including environmental, thermal shock chamber and vibration rig tests” 

Eaton, with extensive experience in both electrical and vehicle industries, offers customized fuses for electrified commercial vehicles. They collaborate with global OEMs developed; Eaton simulates the system to ensure its longevity.

As recently announced, Eaton is expanding manufacturing capacity of its fuses with the opening of a new, state-of-the-art assembly plant.