Eaton Unveils Safety-Focused EV technologies

Eaton introduces advanced EV safety tech at Battery Show Europe. Key innovations include the Breaktor device, 3-in-1 battery vent valve, and High-Power Lock Box terminals.

Eaton Unveils Safety-Focused EV technologies

Southfield, Michigan- Eaton Corporation, a power management company announced its comprehensive set of safety-focused electrified vehicle (EV) technologies. These advanced innovations will be displayed at The Battery Show Europe in Stuttgart, Germany, from June 18th to 20th.

Mr. Mark Schneider, president, Eaton’s eMobility business, said, “While EV adoption continues to increase, we are helping our global customers meet the growing demand with innovative new technologies. Safety is always a priority, whether the vehicle is powered by gasoline or electricity, and our EV solutions ensure occupants and the vehicle itself remain secure”.

Breaktor high-voltage EV protection device

Eaton's Breaktor circuit protection technology that integrates the functionalities of fuses, pyro switches, and contactors into one efficient and resettable device, offering fast, safe, and reliable protection for high-power electric vehicle systems.

3-in-1 battery vent valve

Eaton's groundbreaking 3-in-1 battery vent valve introduces an innovative solution to the market, providing passive and active venting for overpressure relief in vehicle battery packs, along with an industry-first battery-case leak-check mechanism. This cutting-edge technology represents a significant advancement in battery safety and performance.

During testing, the valve in the fully assembled battery pack can open, allowing battery makers to thoroughly check for leaks. This ensures all sealing surfaces are tested against water ingress, enhancing vehicle safety during normal use and floods.

Fuel tank isolation valve

Eaton's advanced fuel tank isolation valve (FTIV) is designed to relieve pressure from the gas tank of hybrid-electric vehicles. This is necessary because the gas engine in hybrids isn't always running. Releasing pressure is vital during electric mode operation and refueling to prevent spit back and ensure safe depressurization of the tank.

High Power Lock Box terminals

Eaton's High Power Lock Box (HPLB) terminals which serve as the interface conductor connections, offering space-saving design and superior performance for EV solutions. With cost savings and simplified manufacturing, they ensure efficiency, reliability, and weather protection, ideal for present and future needs.

Eaton Bussmann series fuses

Eaton Bussmann series fuses, with ratings up to 1,000 volts of direct current (VDC) and 600 amps, fulfill the needs of high-powered EVs. Eaton's hybrid and EV fuses are designeed to manage and safeguard the charging systems of electric commercial, passenger, and high-performance vehicles, including sports cars and large SUVs.