Enva and Altilium sign MOU for EV Battery Recycling

They partnership to recycle EV batteries, supplying feed for the UK's Teesside refinery, meeting 20% of CAM demand by 2030.

Enva and Altilium sign MOU for EV Battery Recycling

Nottinghamshire, UK- Enva UK Limited., a recycling and resource recovery specialist, and Altilium Clean Technology Ltd., a UK based clean technology group have partnered to improve the collection and recycling of EV batteries in the UK, combining Enva's collection network with Altilium's recycling expertise to promote a circular economy for battery minerals.

Enva and Altilium have signed an MOU to explore joint initiatives, including safe collection and recycling of EV batteries using Altilium's Eco Cathode process. This process recovers over 95% of battery metals for direct reuse in new batteries. Enva's infrastructure will provide commercial benefits to Altilium, eliminating the need for its own collection network and relationships with waste producers and automotive OEMs.

The partnership will supply feed for Altilium's Teesside refinery (ACT 4), the UK's only planned facility refining lithium-ion waste into battery-ready Cathode Active Materials (CAM) for new battery production. With the capacity to recycle batteries from 150,000 EVs annually, it will produce 30,000 MT of CAM, meeting 20% of the UK's expected demand by 2030.

Mr. Michael Sneath, Managing Director of Enva’s Lubricants and Batteries Division, said, “We are excited to partner with Altilium to develop a comprehensive and sustainable supply chain for EV battery recycling in the UK. Expert handling and storage of this potentially hazardous material is paramount. This collaboration will solve an emerging problem for our customers, enhancing the UK’s recycling capabilities and contributing to the circular economy by transforming used batteries into valuable raw materials for new batteries.”

Mr. Rod Savage, Altilium’s Program Director for End-of-Life Batteries, said “By leveraging Enva’s collection network and our processing expertise, we aim to set a new standard in battery recycling, ensuring maximum recovery of materials and supporting the growth of the EV market in an environmentally responsible way.”

They are establishing a domestic recycling ecosystem for EV batteries, anticipating over 100 million reaching end-of-life globally in the next decade. This initiative retains valuable resources in the UK supply chain, contributes to carbon emission reduction goals, and supports the production of more affordable and cleaner EVs. Altilium's EcoCathode process, unique in the UK, reduces carbon emissions by 60% and costs by 20% compared to virgin materials, facilitating the production of more sustainable EVs.

About Altilium

Altilium is a UK based Clean Technology group decarbonising the electric vehicle supply chain and supporting the transformation of the global energy sector from fossil-based to zero-carbon. By recycling exisiting waste streams, such as old EV batteries and mine waste, we will supply domestic, sustainable and low carbon critical mineral to a battery supply chain.