Greenlane constructs a charging corridor for trucks linking Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Greenlane unveils a pioneering EV charging corridor from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, aiming to accelerate carbon-neutral fleet adoption nationwide with strategically located stations and plans for further expansion.

Greenlane constructs a charging corridor for trucks linking Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Juno Beach, United States- Greenlane, a collaboration between Daimler Truck North America (DTNA), NextEra Energy Resources, and Blackrock, revealed plans in 2022 to construct a nationwide network of charging and hydrogen refueling stations. The first corridor, spanning 280 miles along Interstate 15 from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, will host over 100 charging stations, featuring DC chargers with up to 400 kW of power.

Initially, charging points will be installed in Colton, Barstow, and Baker, California, with further expansion slated over the next year, extending into Southern Nevada and San Pedro.

In Colton, the station will house over 60 chargers, including 400 kW DC fast chargers for medium and heavy-duty electric vehicles, alongside 200 kW fast charging points for longer duration and overnight charging. Passenger car charging stalls will also be available.

The site in Colton will accommodate future implementation of the Megawatt Charging System (MCS) and hydrogen refueling stations. It will feature amenities such as restrooms and food and beverage facilities.

Patrick Macdonald-King, CEO of Greenlane, highlighted the strategic selection of the initial locations, aiming to maximize uptime for day-cab drivers and enable confident freight movement.

Greenlane's announcement aligns with the US federal government's freight infrastructure plan, focusing on charging infrastructure and hydrogen refueling stations for medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicles by 2040.

The company aims to offer charging and hydrogen filling stations on critical freight routes along the east and west coasts and in Texas by 2026, utilizing renewable energy and advanced charging and energy management software.

Rizon, a subsidiary of Daimler Truck, has already delivered its first batch of medium-duty electric trucks in California, catering to urban delivery tasks across various industries.

These electric trucks qualify for incentives through the California Air Resource Board's (CARB) Hybrid and Zero-emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project (HVIP), making them a cost-effective alternative to diesel chassis.

As businesses increasingly turn to electric vehicles for freight transport, Greenlane's infrastructure development plays a crucial role in ensuring the viability of intercity and interstate travel for electric vehicles.