Honda launches commercial-use Mini-EV in Japan

The N-VAN e is Honda's new commercial mini-EV, featuring a spacious cargo area, enhanced power, and rapid charging. It offers a range of 245 km and charges in about 4.5 hours (regular) or 30 minutes (fast), perfect for diverse commercial uses.

Honda launches commercial-use Mini-EV in Japan

Tokyo, Japan-Honda Motor Co., Ltd., a manufacture of automobile vehicle will begin sales in Japan of a new commercial-use mini-EV, the N-VAN e, on October 10, 2024.

The N-VAN e is a mini-EV model for commercial use, integrating EV-specific user-friendly features into the popular gasoline-powered N-VAN, which has been popular as versatility, meeting a wide range of customer needs in both commercial and recreational settings.

The N-VAN e: features include a spacious cargo area with a flat, low floor and high ceiling, and a wide passenger-side opening achieved by removing the center pillar. It also adds distinct benefits typical of electric vehicles, such as enhanced power output and a quiet cabin.

The N-VAN e achieved both a practical range and large cargo space needed for commercial use by utilizing a large-capacity battery, reducing the size of the eAxle, and optimizing the space occupied by high-voltage components in a centralized layout to minimize space usage. In addition to achieving a range of 245 km (152 miles) on a single charge in WLTC mode, suitable for delivery services, a key commercial application of EVs, customer convenience was prioritized with a charging time of about 4.5 hours for regular charging (6.0 kW output) and approximately 30 minutes for fast charging (50 kW output).

Additionally, the battery's cooling and heating system ensures consistent performance in varying temperatures, enhancing charging speed and range especially in winter conditions.