Humax enters global market for Commercial EV Chargers

Humax expands into global commercial EV chargers, partners with HeyCharge for next-gen solutions.

Humax enters global market for Commercial EV Chargers

Seongnam-si, South Korea- Humax Co., Ltd., the mobility platform provider, has launched its commercial EV charger line-up to the global market, following its recent entry into the home EV charger market. Leveraging its experience as a charging point operator in Korea and its extensive global network, Humax offers a range of chargers to meet diverse commercial needs, from slow to fast charging.

At The Smarter E Europe 2024 in Munich, Humax showcased its full range of commercial and home EV chargers. They announced a strategic partnership with HeyCharge, a German EV charging technology company, to develop next-generation charging stations for urban multi-family homes and office buildings, addressing the need for convenient and cost-effective EV charging solutions.

Humax's OCPP-certified commercial chargers support smart charging and two-channel simultaneous charging, featuring LCD touch screens and LED indicators. Designed for commercial environments like public housing, highway stations, malls, and offices, these chargers aim to capitalize on the rising global EV distribution. Humax plans to supply chargers to Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and North America, leveraging its CPO brand, Turu Charger. With over 18,000 EV chargers already delivered in Korea, Humax is set to expand its market presence.

Mr. Jeff Kim, president of Humax, said, “Having successfully launched home EV chargers in Europe, Humax will enter the global commercial EV charger market with a diverse line-up of fast and slow chargers to provide electric vehicle users with a hassle-free driving experience anytime, anywhere.”