Jitendra New EV appoints a new sales & marketing Head

Mr. Sachin Shende as Sales & Marketing Head, aiming for market leadership in electric vehicles

Jitendra New EV appoints a new sales & marketing Head

Nashik- Jitendra New Ev Tech Pvt Ltd., an electric vehicles manufacturer, has appointed Mr. Sachin Shende as its National Head of Sales and Marketing. Shende, with over two decades of experience in automotive, specializing in 2W, 3W, and 4W commercial vehicles, His goal strengthens the company's presence in B2B and commuter markets.

Shende, equipped with a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering and extensive automotive experience, is poised to lead Jitendra New EV Tech to prominence in the electric vehicles market, leveraging his technical acumen and industry knowledge.

Mr. Samkit Shah, Co-Founder of Jitendra New EV Tech, said, "We are thrilled welcome Mr. Sachin Shende to the Jitendra EV family. His proven track record of driving growth and his visionary approach align perfectly with our mission to revolutionize the electric vehicles industry. With his guidance, we are confident in our ability to achieve new milestones and solidify Jitendra EV's position as a frontrunner in the market."

Mr. Shende said, "My goal is to position Jitendra New EV Tech as the leading choice for both businesses and commuters. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and delivering exceptional value, alongside our commitment to innovate and provide customer satisfaction, we aim to redefine the electric vehicles experience and set new standards in the two-wheelercategory."