Magenta Mobility Launches 'Project 302' in Bhiwandi

'Project 302' in Bhiwandi with a new office, charging depot, and 500 EVs, aiming to decarbonize logistics and create local jobs.

Magenta Mobility Launches 'Project 302' in Bhiwandi

Mumbai- Magenta Ev Solutions Private Limited (Magenta Mobility), an E-Mobility solution provider, has launched 'Project 302,' named after the Bhiwandi Pincode, a warehousing hubs. The project includes a new office and charging depot in Bhiwandi, deploying electric vehicles using the hub-and-spoke model. Mr. Somnath Karnavar Patil, Assistant Police Inspector of Mankoli Bhiwandi, was the Chief Guest at the inauguration.

Magenta Mobility’s 'Project 302' aims to decarbonize logistics and expand services in Bhiwandi, a major warehousing hub. The initiative includes a new office, charging depot, and an initial fleet of 500 electric vehicles, supported by 200 local hires. Bhiwandi's robust infrastructure and strategic location make it ideal for catering to e-commerce, FMCG, and logistics sectors. The project will transform the office into an EV hub, offering significant employment opportunities and sustainable transportation solutions.

Mr. Maxson Lewis, Founder and CEO of Magenta Mobility, said “This expansion is a significant milestone for us. Bhiwandi is an ideal location for Magenta Mobility due to its strategic location and strong connectivity to key markets such as Mumbai and Thane, as well as key ports. This reduces travel distances and enables faster and more efficient deliveries. It aligns with our sustainability goals and enhances our operational capabilities in Western India. Bhiwandi’s connectivity to the Mumbai-Nashik Expressway and the Western Express Highway is a major advantage. Our presence in this key location will enable us to better serve our customers, providing top-notch mid and last-mile delivery solutions.”

Magenta Mobility's new office showcases sustainability practices by using natural light to reduce HVAC usage, going paperless, and providing reusable cups and recycled paper bags. They partner with an e-waste management company to recycle e-waste. With 11 offices in 10 cities across India, their Bhiwandi office is the fourth in Maharashtra, supporting their 'Ab Ki Baar Dus Hazaar' initiative to deploy 10,000 electric vehicles by September 2025. Their fleet of over 2,000 vehicles has traveled 16 million clean kilometers and reduced 430 metric tons of CO2 emissions. Magenta Mobility remains a leader in sustainable logistics in India.