Magenta Mobility & Switch Mobility to Deploy 500 eLCVs in India

Partnership for 500 eLCVs in India, aiming to revolutionize logistics with sustainable solutions and innovation technology.

Magenta Mobility & Switch Mobility to Deploy 500 eLCVs in India

Mumbai- Magenta Ev Solutions Private Limited (Magenta Mobility), an E-Mobility solution provider,and Switch Mobility Automotive Limited., the EV arm of the Hinduja group, eLCV partnership for last- mile and mid-mile delivery in India. They signed MOU for 500 SWITCH leV4 units over 2 years. Maxson Lewis and Mahesh Babu announced during handover ceremony.

Switch Mobility and Magenta Mobility partner for eLCVs in India, merging electric vehicle technology with service portfolio. SWITCH leV4 offers a 32.2 KWh battery, 1700 kg payload, 120km range, 60 KW motor, 230 Nm torque, Switch iON connected telematics. Collaboration supports Magenta's goal is 10,000 electric vehicle by September 2025, enhancing a eLCV segment.

Mr. Maxson Lewis, Founder & CEO of Magenta Mobilty, said,  “We are thrilled to join hands with Switch Mobility to accelerate our commitment to decarbonize logistics in India. This collaboration underscores our unwavering dedication to spearheading the transition towards safe, smart, and sustainable mobility solutions. With these eLCVs, we will be able to offer an increased payload capacity to our clients. Combined with our existing fleet management, charging and technology platforms, we will be offering a strong opportunity for the logistics sector to go electric. This is just the beginning of our association and together, we aim to redefine the future of logistics in India.”

Mr. Mahesh Babu, CEO of SWITCH Mobility Ltd., “As the global urban mobility landscape experiences a transformative shift towards electric vehicles, we at Switch Mobility take pride in our position at the forefront of this historic evolution. Our SWITCH IeV4 which is India’s first eLCV in 3.5-ton category is built on a cutting-edge 310V high-voltage architecture for enhanced performance. With a superior payload, extended range and maximised volumetric space, the vehicle offers a significantly better TCO. This game-changer will accelerate progress towards a sustainable future.”

“The strategic partnership with Magenta Mobility strengthens our commitment to a cleaner future. Renowned for their innovative approach to logistics, Magenta Mobility brings a data-driven perspective that perfectly complements our vision. This collaboration is more than just adding vehicles to Magenta’s fleet, it marks a pivotal moment in redefining the transportation paradigm by integrating cutting-edge technologies and sustainable solutions to empower the future of mobility,” he further added.