Marquardt Establishes Robotic Charging Solutions for EVs

The ROCIN-ECO research project will present an automated robot fast-charging solution in June at the Battery Show Europe in Stuttgart.

Marquardt Establishes Robotic Charging Solutions for EVs
Marquardt Establishes Robotic Charging Solutions for EVs

Rietheim-Weilheim, Germany - Marquardt, a manufacturer of electromechanical and electronic switches and switching systems. Its robotic charging solutions enable fully automated vehicle charging using robotic arms. Recognized globally, norms and standards are vital for smooth operations, and Marquardt actively contributes to this through the ROCIN-ECO research project.

Ionity, Audi, TUV SUD, Rocsys, BMW, Porsche, Ford, Huber+Suhner, and AVL are teaming up to create a standardized automated fast charging solution. Their collaboration aims to contribute findings to standardization bodies like ISO, IEC, and CCC, revolutionizing electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Numerous Fields of Application

The rise of e-mobility and autonomous driving presents a wide range of opportunities for robotic charging, extending beyond just the automotive industry.

Mr.Andreas Becher, Technical Project Manager Innovation at Marquardt, highlights the potential applications, including autonomous valet parking and charging, particularly beneficial for fleet operators in sectors such as trucks, material handling, and port intralogistics. Establishing globally recognized norms and standards is crucial for practical deployment, and efforts are underway to lay the groundwork for this advancement.

Marquardt's Interactive Charging System (ICS) and Smart Access System PnD3 are set to transform automotive charging with robotic solutions. The ICS boasts an E-Lock module and supports diverse inlet standards, featuring automated functions like charging flap and motorized inlet port cover. Coupled with the Smart Access System PnD3, it facilitates digital key exchange between vehicles and charging robots, ensuring smooth interaction.

Internationally scalable solution

Marquardt, as a member of the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC), prioritizes utilizing CCC-compliant localization and communication standards for robotic charging. This ensures compatibility with existing international vehicle components.

The charging robot utilizes CCC-compliant Ultra-Wideband for precise positioning, BLE for vehicle-robot communication, and Marquardt's cloud solution for digital key sharing. This seamless integration enables the robot to open the loading flap and inlet port cover securely for charging, ensuring an efficient process flow.

Robotic Charging Components Live at the Battery Show

Mr.Stefan Ruf, Product Manager Innovation at Marquardt, highlights their efforts to advance robotic charging technology. By evaluating system requirements that can be translated into norms and standards, they aim to enable applications like autonomous valet parking and charging services within a few years. The next crucial step is to unite all stakeholders, including car manufacturers, parking operators, and charging point operators, to collectively push forward this innovation.

From June 18 - 20, 2024, Marquardt will be presenting key components of Robotic Charging live at the Battery Show Europe in Stuttgart. These include a fully automated demonstrator of the Interactive Charging System (ICS) and a 3D video animation of the complete robotic charging process.