MetroLINK Partners EO Charging to Enhance Electric Bus Fleet Infrastructure

MetroLINK has selected EO Charging to enhance its electric bus network with comprehensive charging infrastructure and management solutions, ensuring reliable and efficient operation of EVs.

MetroLINK Partners EO Charging to Enhance Electric Bus Fleet Infrastructure

Moline, USA- Metrolink, the public transit and mobility provider for the Illinois Quad Cities, has chosen EO Charging ("EO"), an electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions for depot-based fleets, to enhance the EV charging infrastructure supporting its electric bus network. EO will supply comprehensive Full Fleet Electrification services, encompassing hardware, software, and ongoing operation and maintenance.

EO will provide, install, and optimize multiple charging stations at MetroLINK’s Operations & Maintenance Center (OMC). Additionally, EO will implement fleet management and energy management solutions to enhance the depot’s operational efficiency.

Mr.Jeff Nelson, CEO at MetroLINK, Said, “MetroLINK has a lengthy and impactful history of demonstrating innovative and sustainable approaches to providing public transportation, beginning over 20 years ago with our transition to compressed natural gas vehicles and technology investments. In addition to our compressed natural gas buses, 30% of our fleet consists of battery electric buses.”

“Partnering with EO for this electrification project will ensure charging infrastructure reliability by pairing energy and charge management solutions with around-the-clock monitoring, remote-fix and onsite Operations and Maintenance; this enables MetroLINK to focus on our commitment to transporting our passengers.”

EO will install and manage MetroLINK’s electric bus charging infrastructure, including Level 3 DC fast chargers and on-route pantograph chargers. EO’s solutions ensure rapid charging, space efficiency, and comprehensive charge assurance through EO Cloud and EO Hub.

EO Cloud provides real-time monitoring of charging stations, identifying issues promptly and resolving them automatically. EO Hub optimizes energy distribution through intelligent load management and dynamic scheduling, reducing costs and maximizing efficiency for fleet operators. Together, they ensure streamlined operations and sustainable energy practices in depot management.

Mr.John Walsh, President and CCO Americas at EO Charging, said, “MetroLINK are a true pioneer in public transportation, so we are extremely excited to help them scale their electric bus fleet.”

“Our full Fleet Electrification solution provides fleet operators with absolute charge assurance, giving them peace of mind to simply focus on their day-to-day operations. We are excited to demonstrate EO’s unique software stack combined with its 24/7/365 TOC and O&M proposition.