Motiv Launches Argo advancing Electric Truck Solutions

Motiv's Argo design with Efficient, safe, and comfortable electric vehicles

Motiv Launches Argo advancing Electric Truck Solutions

Foster City, United State- Motiv Power Systems Inc., an American manufacturer of all-electric chassis for medium-duty commercial vehicles, they launched Argo, its fully integrated cab-chassis design, broadening electrification possibilities for various vehicles and applications. With multiple configurations, it caters to diverse needs, from work site vehicles like dump trucks and aerial lifts to delivery trucks and buses, offering flexibility in truck body lengths and applications. 

Mr. Scott Griffith, CEO of Motiv Electric Trucks, said, “Overnight we’ve moved from a company primarily serving a narrow slice of the $20 billion medium duty truck market to one that can serve nearly that entire market. The launch of Argo is a transformational moment for our company as we can now offer more vehicles and options to help more fleet customers meet their sustainability goals.”

Argo's newest truck, drawing from Motiv's expertise, prioritizes energy efficiency and safety, boasting the highest payload in its class, influenced by significant customer feedback.

Argo trucks carry up to 14,000 pounds, travel up to 200 miles, and feature industry-leading range and payload. With a lightweight cab and Aries LFP battery, co-developed with Our Next Energy, they don't require a commercial driver's license (CDL).

Argo emphasizes safety with enhanced visibility features like forward command seating, larger windshield, and low curbside window. Additional front and rear cameras, along with optional e-mirrors, further improve driver awareness for safer driving.

Argo focuses on driver comfort and accessibility, offering adjustable seating, intuitive controls, and ample storage. Its lightweight yet durable composite cab, developed with TPI Composites, ensures high uptime and easy maintenance. Energy-saving features like microwire heat and efficient seat airflow optimize energy usage. Compatible with different truck body sizes, Argo's patented motor technology delivers diesel-equivalent torque on a 400V system, compatible with all DC fast chargers.

Over the past 15 years, Motiv has been developing, manufacturing, and deploying electric step vans, box trucks, and shuttles. With over 300 vehicles on the road, they've covered 4 million miles and delivered around 240 million pounds of goods. In 2023, Motiv's electric trucks achieved an impressive 98% uptime, as per company diagnostic data.

Mr. Jim Castelaz, Motiv’s Founder and Chief Technology and Revenue Officer said “We’ve come a long way from the early days of the electric truck industry – every year we see substantial improvements in uptime and performance coming from design improvements we’ve developed hand-in-hand with customers. Many fleet customers have been impressed with the simple design of our new Gen 6 architecture, which includes less copper, better cable routing, easier service access, our patented smart hub and reliable software. This apparent simplicity took years for us to optimize and now our customers can finally reap the benefits.”