NACOF Oorja Introduces Special Purpose Vehicle

NACOF offers a comprehensive range of battery-operated agricultural machinery and vehicles personalised to the needs of the Indian farming community.

NACOF Oorja Introduces Special Purpose Vehicle

New Delhi- E Astra NACOF Ooorja Pvt Ltd. of New Delhi, a newly formed company, backed by NACOF Oorja Private limited, a multi-state Cooperative society under the Ministry of Agriculture, has introduced a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV).

This SPV aims to support sustainable farming practices and enhance the profitability of cultivation. Serving as the agricultural mobility arm of NACOF Oorja, it will provide the Indian farming community with a range of battery-operated equipment and vehicles.

E Astra's SPV offers specialized agricultural machinery like E-Weeder, E-Reaper, E-Brush cutter, and E-Cargo 3-wheeler. They also provide a 20-liter Milking Cum Chiller for sustainable dairy farming. Additionally, E Astra has set up an Advanced Technology Center, developing a Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) for EVs with Range Extender tech.

The SPV's new agricultural offerings, made with indigenous technologies, support the Make in India initiative. This move follows NACOF Oorja's recent MoU with a Nashik-based electric mobility startup, signalling its commitment to enhancing rural and agricultural mobility in India.

Ram Iqbal Singh, Chairman, NACOF OORJA, described the company’s vision behind the SPV, by saying, “Our commitment to contribute to the effort of establishing India as a developed nation played a significant role behind this new initiative. Farmers are our Annadata, and to assist their community with cutting-edge indigenous and affordable agricultural equipment that runs on clean energy will multiply their productivity. Also, our digital farming solutions consisting of Artificial Intelligence and data analysis will help them with invaluable information regarding the crop status, weather updates as well as irrigation, streamlining the efforts in a hassle-free way.”

Suresh Babu P, Managing Director, NACOF OORJA, also had similar thoughts, which he shared by saying, “Sustainable agriculture is the need of the hour. Our farmers need all the help they can get and by aligning our superior equipment and mobility products with their requirements, we can empower them to increase their productivity while ensuring farming remains a profitable way of income for them. The primary objective of the SPV remains to empower the Indian farmers with cutting-edge technology, and mechanising their efforts, bringing them at par with the latest practices in agriculture and we are confident of our ability to achieve this target.”