Neuron Energy & Hexall Motors partners for Powering EV Innovation

Innovation of EV with double front wheel design. 1,000 custom battery packs supplied for Hexall's L5 vehicle, aiming to revolutionize urban mobility in Delhi NCR.

Neuron Energy & Hexall Motors partners for Powering EV Innovation

Mumbai-Neuron Energy Pvt Ltd., a manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries for electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers, has announced a strategic partnership with Hexall Motors Pvt Ltd., a motor vehicle manufacture in Noida. This collaboration in EV industry, unveiling Hexall Motors' innovative L5 vehicle with a unique double front wheel design.

Hexall Motors' new vehicle, endorsed by ARAI, is set to shake up the market. Neuron Energy will provide 1,000 custom battery packs starting June 2024, generating ₹20 crore annually. These packs, tailored for Hexall's L5 vehicle, are high-speed 16 KWR units designed for light commercial vehicles, ensuring top-notch performance.

Mr. Pratik Kamdar, CEO & Co-Founder of Neuron Energy, said his excitement about the partnership: “We are thrilled to partner with Hexall Motors on this innovative project. Our advanced battery technology will provide the necessary power and reliability for Hexall’s new double front wheel EVs, supporting their vision of transforming urban mobility. This partnership paves the way for future growth and expansion in our business, underscoring our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the electric vehicle industry.”

Mr. Devesh Parekh, Co-Founder of Hexall Motors, highlighted the significance of the collaboration: “For any EV company, having robust energy storage systems and battery packs is crucial, as they represent almost half the cost of the electric vehicles and are critical for overall performance. Our vehicles are unique in this category with special configurations, requiring advanced battery packs with Battery Management Systems (BMS), high-speed charging, and a higher range. Neuron Energy developed a product that perfectly met our requirements, making this partnership critical for us.”

Hexall Motors' new cargo vehicle, launching in Delhi NCR, offers ample space for last-mile delivery, featuring a double front wheel design for enhanced stability. Neuron Energy's partnership provides cutting-edge battery packs tailored for this innovation.