Peterbilt's received order from Einride AB

150 units electric trucks from Einride, enhancing US electric freight capabilities.

Peterbilt's received order from Einride AB

Texas, United States- Peterbilt Motor Company., an American truck manufacturer secures its largest electric vehicle order yet, purchasing 150 units of 579EVs Models from Einride AB., a transport company. The collaboration aims to advance digital, electric, and autonomous freight technology, bolstering electric heavy-duty fleets across the US.

Mr. Niklas Reinedahl, general manager North America at Einride, said, “We are proud to announce this partnership with Peterbilt and Rush Peterbilt Truck Centers as we combine our technology platform with their premium hardware to provide a market leading offering as we collaborate on the future of electric freight. Bringing new technology to market is imperative to enabling the switch to electric freight operations and we look forward to seeing this further scale Einride’s footprint in the market.”

Einride’s turnkey Freight Capacity as a Service solution provides customers a seamless, efficient switch to electric transportation with its ability to integrate electric vehicles, charging infrastructure and Einride Saga, the digital freight platform. Since 2020, Einride has been operating electric large-scale fleets and setting the standard for sustainable logistics, and now, this fleet of Peterbilt electric vehicles will service Einride’s North America customers.

Mr. Jason Skoog, Peterbilt general manager and PACCAR vice president, said “Peterbilt is a leader in commercial vehicle electrification and offers the industry’s most complete lineup of electric vehicles. Our focus on creating reliable zero emissions solutions enable Einride to electrify end-user fleets and support reducing tailpipe emissions in the transportation industry. The Model 579EV is an example of that focus and is the flagship of the Peterbilt electric vehicle lineup.”

Einride and Peterbilt have a dedicated team available to help identify the best EV configuration for customer operations, locate available incentives and help choose from the wide selection of PACCAR chargers and infrastructure solutions.

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