Porsche collaborates ChargePoint on EV charging

Porsche and ChargePoint have partnered to enhance EV charging for North American customers, integrating 100,000 stations into Porsche's Charging Service through the My Porsche app, ahead of new EV launches.

Porsche collaborates ChargePoint on EV charging

California, USA-ChargePoint,Inc., EV charging networks and Porsche automobile manufacturer have entered a strategic partnership aimed at enhancing the electric vehicle (EV) charging experience for Porsche customers across North America. Through this collaboration, Porsche customer will gain access to over 100,000 charging stations integrated into the Porsche Charging Service, powered by ChargePoint’s extensive network.

This initiative is poised to significantly expand convenience and accessibility for EV owners, aligning perfectly with Porsche's upcoming electric vehicle launches, including Taycan and the all-new Macan Electric.

The integration of ChargePoint’s software into the My Porsche app will further streamline the charging process, allowing drivers to easily locate, utilize, and manage payments at supported stations. With this partnership, Porsche Charging Service customers will have broad access, encompassing more than 75% of available charging ports throughout North America, thereby marking a pivotal step towards fostering a seamless EV driving experience.

Mr.Rick Wilmer, CEO of ChargePoint, said, “ChargePoint is honored to help Porsche provide their drivers with a charging experience that aligns with the rest of their renowned brand experience. We are pleased to offer more charging options for Porsche drivers, and ChargePoint software will enhance their experience by enabling integrated and frictionless charging.”

Mr.Timo Resch, President and CEO of PCNA, said, “We passionately believe in choice, and as a result, we are constantly looking for opportunities to enhance our customer experience and expand charging options. This is a significant step in that direction, and well-timed as we look forward to the arrival of the new Taycan at Porsche Centers this summer, and that of the all-new Macan Electric later this year.”

The integration of ChargePoint is scheduled to launch in Q4 2024, enabling Porsche Charging Service customers to access over 75% of the available charging ports throughout North America.