Quantum Energy and ZEVO Partner to deploy 5,000 e-Vehicles

Partner to supply 5,000 electric two-wheelers, boosting EV adoption in last-mile delivery and fleet segments.

Quantum Energy and ZEVO Partner to deploy 5,000 e-Vehicles

Telangana- Quantum Energy Limited., an electric mobility company into the design, development and manufacturing of electric scooters, has signed an MoU with Zevo India to supply 5,000 electric two-wheelers. This partnership aims to boost the adoption of EVs in last-mile delivery and fleet segments, highlighting the benefits of electric vehicles over traditional ones.

Ms. Chetana C, Director of Quantum Energy, said With a strong commitment to contributing to the growth of electric vehicles in India, Quantum Energy brings decades of automotive expertise and an advanced research, development and manufacturing facility in Hyderabad. “We are excited to partner with ZEVO and support their vision for sustainable mobility. This partnership allows us to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles, especially in the fast-growing last mile delivery space, reducing emissions and operating costs.”

ZEVO, a pioneering company founded in 2022 by visionary entrepreneurs CA Aditya Singh Ratnu and CA Dhruv Bhatia, recognized a critical need for sustainable mobility solutions for businesses.

Mr. Aditya Singh, CEO of ZEVO, said “We are excited to join forces with Quantum Energy and leverage their advanced EV technology. Together we can bring a paradigm shift in the logistics industry, optimizing operations and minimizing environmental impact,”

This partnership highlights the companies' commitment to sustainable transportation and India's net-zero emissions goal. By merging Quantum Energy's innovative EVs with ZEVO's mobility expertise, they aim to transform last-mile delivery and fleet segments, offering cost-effective, eco-friendly alternatives to fossil fuel vehicles.