Renault Trucks delivers its first electric trucks to Chile

Renault Trucks delivers first electric trucks outside Europe to Chile's Trailer Logistics, now operating in Santiago for CCU, owned by Heineken and Quiñenco.

Renault Trucks delivers its first electric trucks to Chile

Rhône-Alpes, France- Renault V.I., part of the Volvo Group, has delivered its first electric trucks to Latin America through its Chilean importer Salfa. Trailer Logistics and the distributor CCU, committed to reducing their environmental impact, selected Renault Trucks to support their transition to decarbonize drinks distribution in Chile. Production of Renault's electric trucks began in France in 2020.

Renault Trucks optimized logistics schedules, adapted routes, assisted in infrastructure selection, and installed charging points. They delivered three 26-tonne, 264 kWh Renault Trucks E-Tech D Wide to partners. These electric vehicles cover about 100 kilometers daily, servicing various delivery points in Santiago with innovative swap body systems for logistical efficiency.

Three electric trucks recharge overnight using dedicated charging points at CCU’s NPR distribution center in Renca. Maintenance occurs at the Salfa dealership's Renault Trucks E-Tech certified workshop in Santiago, ensuring the vehicles' reliability, availability, and operational efficiency. By utilizing these three electric trucks, Trailer Logistics and CCU aim to cut their annual CO2 emissions by 628 tonnes.

Mr. Cyril Barillé, Vice President Africa, Latin America and Asia at Renault Trucks said, “This first delivery of electric trucks to Chile illustrates Renault Trucks‘commitment to promoting innovative and sustainable transport solutions on a global scale. The successful completion of this project is the result of close collaboration between Trailer Logistics, CCU, the Chilean electricity company ENELX, Salfa and the teams at Renault Trucks. I would like to thank them sincerely for their trust and commitment.”