Ricardo and InoBat unveil new battery module at The Battery Show Europe 2024

The battery module uses high-energy InoBat pouch cells for rapid charging and integrates a robust cooling system, designed for seamless integration and flexible battery management.

Ricardo and InoBat unveil new battery module at The Battery Show Europe 2024

Glasglow, UK- Ricardo PLC., a environmental, and engineering consulting company, will launch a new flexible battery module concept, in collaboration with its battery cell partners, InoBat, this innovation is specifically designed for low-volume performance automotive applications at The Battery Show Europe 2024.

The innovative battery module concept provides OEMs in this industry with an economical, flexible, and effective solution to the development of battery packs for their high-performance and specialized product lineup.

The modular design is adaptable and customizable to meet complex performance and efficiency needs, while ensuring minimal compromises in packaging the entire powertrain. This makes it well-suited for supercars, motorsports, high-performance motorcycles, marine applications, and similarly demanding uses.

The battery module uses InoBat pouch cells known for their high specific energy and high C rating, enabling high-performance operation and rapid charging. It features a durable conduction cooling system for consistent high-power discharge and adaptable packaging. Its design allows for easy integration into current platforms, with flexibility in battery management systems (BMS).

Visitors to the June 18-20, 2024 show can be the first to see Ricardo’s new battery module design at stand E70 in Hall 9 of the Stuttgart Messe, along with demonstrations of their electrified propulsion systems and full product lifecycle capabilities.

Mr.James Sundler, Business Development Director for Ricardo’s Performance Products business unit, said: “We are proud to be presenting our new flexible battery module concept at The Battery Show Europe. Our goal is to facilitate the ease of transition to electrification for our clients in the performance automotive and motorsport markets while minimising design compromises to the vehicle. This battery module represents Ricardo’s world-class capability in creating innovative design, engineering, and industrialisation solutions to some of the toughest challenges facing these markets as they transition to new forms of low-emissions propulsion.”

“Our ongoing partnership with InoBat and our proven track record in industrialising technology is enabling Ricardo to create a robust, quality supply chain essential for the delivery of critical electrification components for these demanding applications.”

Mr.Iain Wight, Chief Commercial Officer at InoBat, said: “Ricardo has exceptional design and analytical capabilities that utilise InoBat’s high power and high energy characteristics of our NMC 811 high silicone anode cell in a very compact, efficient module. When this is combined with the manufacturing capability of Ricardo it presents a compelling solution for demanding manufacturers looking to provide high performance battery solutions within their vehicles.”