Rizon Electrifies the Urban Landscape with Class 4 and 5 Electric Trucks

Rizon, Daimler Truck's latest venture, brings all-electric Class 4 and 5 trucks to the US market.

Rizon Electrifies the Urban Landscape with Class 4 and 5 Electric Trucks
rendered image of a rizon

Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany- Diamler Truck AG., introducing Rizon, the latest addition to the Daimler Truck family, specializing in all-electric Class 4 and 5 medium-duty trucks designed for the US market. Rizon has successfully achieved full homologation in the United States, marking a significant milestone that paves the way for the sale of their electric trucks in the country. This groundbreaking brand was officially launched by Daimler Truck in May of this year.

Rizon has recently secured key certifications, including Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approval and dual CARB Executive Orders, and is fully compliant with the stringent U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. The eagerly anticipated delivery of the first vehicles is scheduled to kick off in the fourth quarter of 2023, with an extensive dealer network ready to serve customers in California.

Rizon offers a compelling lineup of zero-emission trucks in classes 4 and 5, featuring four distinct model variants: the e18L, e18M, e16L, and the e16M. RIZON Daimler Trucks highlights that these trucks are ideally suited for urban and last-mile deliveries, capable of covering routes of up to 150 miles (240km) per day. They provide a versatile range of configurations tailored to meet the unique requirements of each customer, encompassing box trucks, flatbeds, stake beds, refrigerated units, and various other body types.

These Class 4 and 5 medium-duty battery-electric vehicles, with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) ranging from 15,995 lbs up to 17,995 lbs, can achieve impressive ranges, spanning from 120 to 170 kilometers (for the M-size variant equipped with 2 battery packs) and extending to 170 to 250 kilometers (for the L-size variant featuring 3 battery packs) on a single charge.

What sets Rizon trucks apart is their flexibility when it comes to charging options. These electric vehicles can be conveniently charged using two types of battery charging systems: the fast DC Charging method via a CCS1 connector and the more cost-effective Level 2 AC Charging method via a J1772 connector.