RVK Cologne renews Solaris contract, adding 20 hydrogen buses for total fleet of 84.

Cologne's public transport system expands its eco-friendly fleet with an order of 20 Solaris hydrogen buses, reflecting the city's dedication to hydrogen technology and emission-free transportation, with Solaris leading the European market in hydrogen buses.

RVK Cologne renews Solaris contract, adding 20 hydrogen buses for total fleet of 84.

Poland- Solaris Bus & Coach, a manufacturer of city and intercity buses in Europe, Cologne's public transportation system currently boasts a fleet of 46 Solaris hydrogen buses, with an additional 18 buses in the production and delivery phase. To further enhance its commitment to eco-friendly transportation solutions, the city has placed an order for 20 more hydrogen buses from Solaris, including 11 articulated versions. These new buses are scheduled for delivery in the first half of 2025.

This investment signifies Cologne's dedication to advancing hydrogen technology within its public transportation network. Christian Goll, Managing Director of Solaris Deutschland GmbH said, pride in the continued trust placed in Solaris products, highlighting the rapid progress toward innovative and emission-free transportation solutions. Dr. Marcel Frank, Managing Director of RVK, emphasized the collaborative efforts with local authorities and transportation boards to invest in hydrogen solutions early on, resulting in the establishment of a comprehensive hydrogen mobility network by the major regional carrier.

The newly ordered Urbino 12 and Urbino 18 hydrogen buses come equipped with cutting-edge fuel cells, boasting powers of 70 kW and 100 kW respectively. These buses offer a guaranteed range of 350 km, regardless of atmospheric and topographic conditions. They also feature modern amenities such as high-efficiency air conditioning with CO2 heat pumps, advanced monitoring and passenger information systems, and driver assistance systems including fleet monitoring and remote management systems.

Solaris maintains its position as the leader in the European hydrogen bus market, with an impressive 44.5% market share in 2023. Currently, 180 Solaris hydrogen buses are operational across 10 European countries, serving 24 cities. With an order portfolio exceeding 500 hydrogen buses for the period of 2024-2026, Solaris continues to demonstrate its commitment to sustainable transportation solutions.