Stoughton Trailers new Headquarter in Stoughton

New Headquarter in Stoughton, prioritizing employee wellness and community integration.

Stoughton Trailers new Headquarter in Stoughton

Stoughton, United States- Stoughton Trailers, LLC, a trailers design, manufactures, the new corporate headquarters, located at Highway 51 and County Road B in northwest Stoughton, will house around 200 employees. Manufacturing will stay at its current sites.

Mr. Bob Wahlin, Stoughton Trailers President & CEO, said, “Momentous day for Stoughton Trailers. We have envisioned this day for a long time, and it has come to fruition. So many people have helped make this a reality. Thank you to our employees, the City of Stoughton, the Stoughton community, and our business partners, all who helped make this possible,”

The 53,000 square foot facility will promote the physical, mental, and business health of Stoughton Trailers and its employees. The building will include a workout gym, exercise studio, locker rooms, collaborative workspaces, and a host of other amenities. “I am certain us employees look forward to the day they can look directly out over the many ponds, walking paths, bike trails, and green space to be developed on this site.” added Wahlin. The 182-acre property will include approximately 36 acres of ponds, prairie, and wetlands as well as additional 28-acre community park.

Stoughton Trailers, a family-owned company founded in Stoughton in 1961, will keep its manufacturing facilities in Stoughton, Brodhead, Evansville, and Waco, Texas. Recently named the 10th largest employer in Dane County, the company's administrative staff has been based at 416 S. Academy Street since 1966, along with its engineering, research & design, and testing departments.

About Stoughton Trailers:

Stoughton Trailers designs, manufactures, and markets a wide range of dependable semi-truck trailers used for over-the-road trucking, intermodal chassis as well as agricultural trailers and other specialty transportation equipment. It provides one-stop build, finance, rental and fleet management solutions through responsiveness and design value.