Taabi Mobility Introduces Control Tower Fleet Optimization IoT Solution

Taabi Mobility introduces Control Tower, an advanced IoT solution revolutionizing fleet optimization across industries, with cutting-edge technology saving fuel and boosting vehicle uptime. A game-changer for businesses seeking increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved profitability

Taabi Mobility Introduces Control Tower Fleet Optimization IoT Solution

Mumbai- Taabi Mobility Limited., a prominent entity within the RPG Group in India, has recently unveiled its latest addition to the suite of integrated SaaS platforms, the Control Tower. This innovative solution, incorporating the Internet of Things (IoT), Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), and Video Telematics, has already garnered approximately 150 clients. Notably, it has resulted in impressive savings of over 45,000 liters of fuel and a remarkable enhancement in vehicle uptime, equating to over 60,000 kilometers.

Renowned for its groundbreaking AI and IoT-powered logistics management technologies, Taabi Mobility positions the Control Tower as a game-changer in optimizing fleet and operational performance across industries such as mining, construction, telecom, and logistics.

At the core of the Control Tower are cutting-edge components, including IoT-integrated onboard sensors, sophisticated diagnostic tools, advanced data analytics, and AI/ML algorithms. This comprehensive suite seamlessly processes data, generating actionable insights. The solution also boasts an Advanced Video Telematics System for operations supervision, GPS, and geofencing integration for meticulous real-time tracking.

The Control Tower doesn't just promise operational efficiency; it claims to contribute significantly to fleets' revenue, estimating an incremental increase of Rs 5-10 crore through enhanced uptime. A dedicated 24x7 control room, staffed with experts on uptime, conflict resolution, and issue closure, minimizes delays and improves overall uptime. Moreover, the system provides insights into loading/unloading detention costs, enabling fleets to understand and price their services better.

Pali Tripathi, CEO of Taabi Mobility, said that the company's commitment to making a tangible impact on Return on Investment (ROI) for key customer segments operating on narrow profit margins, such as fleets, construction companies, and mining enterprises.

The Control Tower's dynamic dashboard control offers an easy-to-use graphical interface, providing real-time visibility into fleet operations, operational analytics, activity automation and management, and detailed evaluation of fleet, fuel, and engine performance. This user-friendly, integrated solution is designed to work seamlessly across various Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and vehicle models.

According to Taabi Mobility, this modern, data-driven suite empowers mining and construction businesses to promptly identify and address the root causes of complex issues, offering fluid controls for urgent corrective actions. Overall, the Control Tower stands as a comprehensive and accessible tool for businesses aiming to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance their bottom line.