TIER IV and Suzuki Advance Autonomous Driving Technology

This collaborates to advance autonomous driving technology, aiming to enhance regional mobility solutions

TIER IV and Suzuki Advance Autonomous Driving Technology

Nagoya-City, Japan- TIER IV Inc., an open-source software and autonomous driving technology, and Suzuki Motor Corporation., a Japanese car and motorcycle manufacturers, they have formed an alliance to speed up the development and commercialization of autonomous driving technology for better regional mobility solutions.

TIER IV and Suzuki are teaming up to develop innovative mobility services using autonomous driving technology. TIER IV's Autoware open-source software will play a key role in this partnership, facilitating the creation of scalable platforms and solutions aimed at enhancing regional mobility efficiency and accessibility.

Suzuki prioritizes customer-focused product development and aims to integrate into daily life as an infrastructure-oriented company. In Hamamatsu City, Suzuki pioneers smart mobility services with autonomous driving technology, focusing on regions lacking traditional public transportation.


TIER IV leads in deep tech innovation with Autoware, the first open-source software for autonomous driving. We create scalable platforms and solutions spanning software development, vehicle manufacturing, and service operations. As a founding member of the Autoware Foundation, we champion open-source software to advance autonomous driving technology globally, shaping the future of intelligent vehicles.