Tiger Trailers to supply 167 new trailers for ASDA

The customized trailer to ASDA provides up to 44 pallet carrying capacity with ¾ length moving deck.

Tiger Trailers to supply 167 new trailers for ASDA

Winsford, United Kingdom- Tiger Trailers Limited., has supplied around half its order for 167 new units for Asda Stores Limited., a British supermarket chain specially used for their customized consumer goods.

The order includes 147 British-built tri-axle box van moving double deck trailers for UK operations, and 20 for the retailer’s Northern Ireland ferry-use operations. The trailer would be operating from distribution centres that are situated throughout the UK, along with its Irish Sea Carriers routes.

Tiger’s new trailer solution for Asda provides up to a 44-pallet carrying capacity, and incorporates a ¾ length moving deck for versatility, powered by the Cheshire manufacturers in-house produced 4-ram hydraulic system. Asda’s new double deck trailers have been designed for transporting both cages and UK pallets.

Mr. Peter Hey, Asda’s fleet procurement manager, said: “We have collaborated with the Tiger team individuals in previous companies, but this order is the first time that we have worked with them directly at Tiger. Engagement with the Tiger team was excellent from the outset, including a number of visitors to their factory, and we are extremely happy with the trailers that they have produced. Tiger’s support has been fantastic throughout.”

Mr. Darren Holland, Tiger Trailers’ sales director, said: “Working with Peter and the Asda team has been a great experience. From the initial on-site meetings to view their operations to sharing the 3D model of their precise trailer at the factory and finally presenting the trailer in our showroom to the Asda team we are really happy with the final product. These trailers will be servicing the Asda ambient operation, and we look forward to working with the Asda team in the future.”