Vitesco Technologies launches new rotor lock actuator for EVs

Vitesco Technologies has designed an innovative park lock and rotor position system for electric vehicles, which incorporates a 12V DC motor and an inductive rotor position sensor for enhanced efficiency.

Vitesco Technologies launches new rotor lock actuator for EVs
Vitesco Technologies launches new rotor lock actuator for EVs

Regensburg, Germany-Vitesco Technologies GmbH, the manufacturer of electric drives, and power electronics for hybrid and battery-electric vehicles has showcased its new Rotor Lock Actuator at the SIA Powertrain expo in Lille (France) from June 19 to 20, 2024.

The three-in-one module combines park lock functionality, rotor position sensing, and optionally includes a brush system, optimizing system design for cost efficiency and space savings. It integrates seamlessly with features such as the EESM brush system, offering high reliability through redundancy and advanced diagnostics to enhance safety and performance.

Most electric vehicles currently use a mechanical park lock in the reducer gearbox, alongside wheel park brakes, for secure parking. This setup occupies significant space. The innovative rotor lock relocates this function to the e-machine's rotor shaft, streamlining design and reducing costs.

Mr. Robert Paul, Head of the Actuation business unit at Vitesco Technologies, said, “By combining up to three functions in one product our Rotor Lock Actuator enables us to offer high functionality while optimizing both packaging space and costs.”

The rotor's end-of-shaft position allows for a smaller actuator that integrates seamlessly into the vehicle's drive system. This integration reduces space requirements and enables the inclusion of additional functions such as the brush system for EESM and the inductive Rotor Position Sensor. By eliminating the need for separate control units, sensors, and wiring harnesses, this approach also helps in cost savings.

The module ensures reliability and safety through redundant sensing, robust cybersecurity measures, and internal diagnostics. It incorporates a 12 V DC motor to drive the Rotor Lock Actuator, seamlessly integrating into drivetrains and communication networks. Enhancing vehicle efficiency, the inductive Rotor Position Sensor enables precise motor control, thereby extending vehicle range. Moreover, the module enhances parking safety by minimizing vehicle movement when engaged. Its lock mechanism swiftly activates and deactivates in under 250 milliseconds, effectively preventing accidental engagement during vehicle operation.