Volvo and Westport Launch Joint Venture to sustainable transportation

Both companies are highlighting the partnership's role in advancing HPDI technology to address climate change challenges.

Volvo and Westport Launch Joint Venture to sustainable transportation

Sweden/ Canada- Volvo AB., and Westport Fuel Systems Inc., a manufacturers and suppliers of advanced clean-burning fuel systems and components, celebrated the launch of their new joint venture at the University of British Columbia, the Westport's HPDI™ fuel system technology.

The two partners are joining forces to promote HPDI technology, aiming to advance sustainable transportation with renewable fuels and hydrogen. HPDI systems, deployed in thousands of Volvo trucks across Europe, have significantly reduced CO2 emissions since 2018, demonstrating the effectiveness of integrating hydrogen and biogas into existing infrastructure.

Mr. Dan Sceli, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Westport Fuel Systems, and interim President of the Volvo/Westport JV, said, “This joint venture is poised to make a significant impact on global long-haul and off-road heavy-duty applications. By combining Volvo’s extensive expertise in commercial vehicle and power system manufacturing with Westport’s innovative fuel system technology, we are creating a powerful force for change that can make a meaningful contribution to reduce carbon emissions immediately and affordably. Together we are committed to delivering sustainable, efficient, and economically viable solution for long-haul transportation.”

Mr. Lars Stenqvist, Chief Technology Officer of Volvo Group, said, “Today is a day of celebration as we join together to collectively advance this critically important clean transportation initiative. We believe HPDI-powered internal combustion engines, running on hydrogen and renewable fuels, play a crucial role in global decarbonization efforts in commercial transportation. The joint venture enables us to combine this innovative fuel system with our strategic expertise to guide OEMs and fleets as they navigate the energy transition.”

Mr. Scott Baker, Vice President, Product Development and Technology Officer of the Volvo/Westport JV, said, “Westport and HPDI are teaming up to advance decarbonization in heavy-duty vehicles with alternative fuels, maintaining diesel engine efficiency, power, and durability. This partnership aims to guide global customers in enhancing CO2 reduction strategies, promoting sustainable practices in heavy-duty transportation.”