Volvo's Green Hydrogen Truck Initiative

Volvo is creating hydrogen trucks for trials in 2026, targeting commercial launch by 2030, to aid their net zero ambitions.

Volvo's Green Hydrogen Truck Initiative
Volvo's Green Hydrogen Truck Initiative

Gothenburg, Sweden- Volvo AB., is plans to develop trucks with hydrogen combustion engines, starting on-road tests in 2026 with a commercial launch expected by the end of the decade. This move supports Volvo's net zero goal and helps customers meet decarbonization targets. Green hydrogen-powered trucks offer a solution for decarbonizing transport, particularly suitable for long distances and areas lacking charging infrastructure.

Volvo plans customer tests with hydrogen combustion engine trucks starting in 2026, with commercial availability by the decade's end. These trucks, complementing Volvo's other alternatives, aim to achieve net zero CO2 emissions with renewable fuels like HVO. They're classified as "Zero Emission Vehicles" under EU CO2 standards.

Mr. Jan Hjelmgren, Head of Product Management and Quality, Volvo Trucks, said, “Trucks where the traditional internal combustion engine remains but runs on hydrogen will have the same performance and reliability as our diesel trucks, but with the added benefit of potentially net zero CO2 emissions well-to-wheel. They will be a valuable complement to our battery electric trucks, which have been on the market for several years.”

“It’s clear that several kinds of technology are needed to decarbonize heavy transport. As a global truck manufacturer, we need to support our customers by offering a variety of decarbonization solutions, and customers can choose their alternative based on transport assignment, available infrastructure and green energy prices,” says Jan Hjelmgren. 

Volvo trucks with hydrogen-powered combustion engines will utilize High Pressure Direct Injection (HPDI) technology, enhancing energy efficiency and engine power. Volvo has partnered with Westport Fuel Systems to establish a joint venture focusing on HPDI, expected to start in Q2 2024.

Hydrogen-powered Volvo trucks will offer operational ranges similar to diesel trucks and are classified as "Zero Emission Vehicles" under EU CO2 standards due to low emissions. They emit minimal nitrogen oxides and particles. Hydrogen can also fuel fuel cell electric trucks, producing only water vapor emissions.