Wallbox introduces Supernova 180, a DC fast EV charger emphasizing reliability and scalability for efficient charging.


Barcelona, Spain – Wallbox NV, an electric vehicle (EV) chargers, has announced the commencement of production for its UL certified DC fast EV charger, Supernova 180. This signals the official introduction of the product to the North American market. Supernova 180, Wallbox’s third-generation DC fast EV charger, is specifically designed for North America, following the successful rollout of Supernova 60 and Supernova 150 in Europe.

Supernova 180 combines cutting-edge technology with an award-winning design, aiming to revolutionize the charging experience for electric vehicle owners. Tailored to North American needs, this charger is the latest generation of Wallbox’s DCFC, Supernova, which debuted in Europe in 2022. Since its launch, Wallbox has globally sold over 2,000 Supernova units, contributing to over 150,000 charging sessions with industry-leading reliability and uptime.

High Power, Small Footprint

Supernova is designed with a high Power-to-Dimension ratio to optimize real estate. Supporting up to 180 kW of charging power, it can add 100 miles of range in under 10 minutes.* Its reduced footprint opens up more sites to fast charging opportunities, including locations with limited space and power such as gas stations, car dealerships, and shopping malls.

Supernova’s innovative six-module design allows for versatile deployment across various locations, making it an ideal choice for public charging infrastructure. This design concept enables easy, safe, and cost-effective installation, which can be managed with either a forklift or crane. Additionally, Supernova 180 offers unparalleled service access, with entry points on all four vertical sides of the charger.

Innovative Modular Design for Improved Performance

Supernova 180's unique design incorporates six 30kW power modules, addressing one of the biggest pain points in the EV market - uptime. In the unlikely event that one of the six modules fails, Supernova 180 will continue to charge an EV using the remaining five modules, only slightly reducing the power output.

Wallbox employs a flexible module system for its DC fast chargers, ensuring easy upgrades as the EV market matures and driver needs change. While most current EVs have limited charging capacity, next-generation EVs will increasingly have the capacity to charge at up to 180kW. Supernova 180 ensures that EV charging sites can be seamlessly upgraded from 60 kW to 120 kW or a staggering 180 kW to meet market and site demands. Allowing for future power upgrades ensures EV sites are future-proofed while reducing upfront investment during their initial rollout.

Award-Winning Design

Supernova 180 features the same body form as Supernova, which has received prestigious design accolades such as the Good Design and the IF Design Award 2022 for its forward-looking design.

Following the principles of other Wallbox products, it has a subtle and minimalist design that integrates discreetly into public spaces. With robust construction and a NEMA 3R and IK10 rating to withstand the needs of public infrastructure, no structural features have been compromised in maintaining a sleek appearance.

Intelligent Power Management for Simultaneous Charging

Each Supernova 180 unit can charge two EVs simultaneously, commonly referred to as split charging. Its intelligent power redistribution ensures the most efficient use of available energy, maximizing the charger's utility and ROI while enhancing the overall charging experience.

Improved User Experience

Supernova features several physical features for an improved customer experience, including effortless cable handling through its cable management system, numerous payment options (credit card and RFID), an interactive light system, and a robust 10'' sunlight-readable color screen with an IK10 rating to ensure users can interact with a reliable and easy-to-read screen. The charger also boasts an intuitive user interface, ensuring the charging experience is user-centric and intuitive for an enhanced overall experience.

Wallbox guarantees peace of mind with its DC Fast Charging solution, backed by the Wallbox Care Program. This worry-free service offers reduced maintenance costs, corrective maintenance, and rapid issue resolution through tailored service levels, addressing diverse customer needs and ensuring minimal downtime.

Erik Fogelberg, General Manager of Wallbox North America, said, At Wallbox, we are thrilled to officially launch Supernova 180 in North America. With its high power, versatility, and award-winning design, it sets a new standard for fast charging infrastructure. Having sold over 2,000 Supernovas predominantly in Europe, the most mature EV market, we are confident that Supernova 180 will help accelerate the transition to EVs in North America by solving some of the key barriers preventing widespread adoption, such as reliability and broad accessibility. This launch is a continuation of Wallbox's commitment to providing innovative solutions that cater to the evolving needs of the electric vehicle ecosystem and ultimately make the transition to EVs possible.