ZEVO & Zen Mobility Partner to Deploy 3,000 Zen Micro Pods

ZEVO and Zen jointly introduce the Zen Micro Pod, with a 150 kg load capacity and a range of 120 kilometres per charge, featuring a customized box for easy traffic navigation and timely delivery.

ZEVO & Zen Mobility Partner to Deploy 3,000 Zen Micro Pods

New Delhi-ZEVO India, a tech-driven EV mobility platform, has partnered with Zen Mobility, an emerging Indian electric vehicle manufacturer, to deploy together 3,000 units of the Zen Micro Pod within a year, enhancing delivery operations.

The Zen Micro Pod has an innovative design and is capable of carrying payloads of up to 150 kg, with a range over 120 kilometers per charge. Its customized box facilitates seamless navigation through traffic, ensuring timely deliveries. Additionally, Zen Mobility's upcoming Zen Maxi Pod, a four-wheeler light electric vehicle (LEV) designed for mid- to large-size deliveries, is poised to elevate ZEVO's delivery capabilities.

ZEVO intends to roll out these advanced vehicles nationwide, commencing with Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR). The first phase will facilitate rigorous testing and refinement to address local challenges. Following successful implementation in these regions, expand to other major cities, including Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, and Chennai.

For e-commerce deliveries, ZEVO plans to allocate a significant portion of the fleet to meet the increasing demand for timely shipments of consumer goods. Simultaneously, an equal number of units will be dedicated to grocery delivery services, ensuring a balance between these two essential sectors.

Mr.Aditya Singh Ratnu, CEO and Managing Director ZEVO, said, “Zen Mobility's cutting-edge electric vehicle designs, such as the MicroPod and Zen Maxi Pod, perfectly align with our aim to provide efficient, sustainable, and customer-centric logistics solutions across India. This collaboration represents a significant step towards our goal of setting new industry standards for timeliness and transparency.”

Mr.Namit Jain, Founder and CEO, Zen Mobility, said, "Our Zen Micro Pods have been meticulously crafted to navigate urban environments seamlessly, enabling efficient and eco-friendly last-mile deliveries. Through our collaboration with ZEVO, we aim to lead the way in urban mobility, where zero-emission transportation solutions are the standard. Together, we're committed to setting new industry benchmarks for excellence, ensuring that every delivery not only meets but exceeds customer expectations, while also minimizing carbon footprint.”