ZF Group Unveils Cutting-Edge Construction Solutions at EXCON 2023

From Electrification Innovations to Intelligent Braking Systems and Forklift Advancements, ZF Demonstrates Commitment to Future Construction Needs

ZF Group Unveils Cutting-Edge Construction Solutions at EXCON 2023
The Future of Construction: ZF Group to showcase Intelligent System Solutions from conventional driveline to full vehicle electrification at EXCON India 2023

Friedrichshafen, Germany- ZF Group.,  in an era of transformative change in the construction industry, ZF Group is set to showcase its Intelligent System Solutions at EXCON India 2023 in Bengaluru. The company will spotlight its expertise in driveline technology and intelligent system solutions, addressing the industry's demand for flexibility and rapid development cycles.

Electric Drive Solutions: Bridging Performance and Sustainability

ZF's newly developed eTRAC electric drive system emerges as a groundbreaking solution, seamlessly blending the performance of traditional drivelines with the environmental benefits of electric systems. The modular design allows easy adaptation for construction applications, offering:

  • Zero emissions without performance compromise
  • Low noise levels
  • Efficient electrical components
  • Robust mechanical driveline
  • Compact installation space

The eTRAC driveline system, ranging from 20-60 kW continuous power, caters to compact vehicles like loaders, site dumpers, and telehandlers, particularly suited for urban or emission-regulated areas. ZF's commitment to "Make in India" is underscored by a high level of localization for the domestic market while maintaining global quality standards.

Advanced Electric Central Drive System for Backhoe Loaders

For backhoe loaders, ZF introduces the eCD (electric Central Drive) system, comprising a two-speed powershift transmission, integrated parking brake, electric motor, and inverter. Addressing growing customer demand, ZF also offers the ePTO for operating working hydraulics, providing scalability up to 850 Nm peak torque and 80 kW continuous power. The eCD system, available in three power classes, caters to various vehicle sizes, including mobile excavators, telehandlers, and forestry equipment.

Versatile Solutions for Mid-Sized Wheel Loaders

Expanding its electric drive range, ZF presents the eTRAC eCD110-210 series for mid-sized wheel loaders. Featuring an electro-mechanical powershift transmission and an e-motor for traction and ePTO, this system can be scaled up to 120 kW continuous power. Its modular design allows integration into additional vehicle applications, accommodating both battery-electric and fuel-cell battery-electric vehicles.

Revolutionizing Braking Systems for Off-highway Vehicles

In the realm of braking technology, ZF introduces an electrohydraulic brake-by-wire solution, a pivotal advancement for heavy-duty, off-highway, construction, mining, and agriculture sectors. This system enables vehicle manufacturers to control deceleration via electronic signals, eliminating the need for hydraulic lines in the cab and progressing toward remote and autonomous operation. The technology comprises an electronic pedal, electrohydraulic brake valve, and a universal controller, offering ease of installation, precision brake control, and customizable pedal response/brake feel.

Intelligent Mechanical Systems for Forklifts

Recognizing the evolving needs of the logistics industry, ZF extends its expertise to intelligent mechanical systems for IC and electric forklifts. The company's "Best Choice" strategy ensures tailored and efficient driveline solutions for diverse applications, including zero-emission electric forklifts and robust diesel forklifts.

At EXCON India 2023, ZF introduces a Heavy-Duty version to its eTRAC GP25 electric forklift model range, providing solutions for larger forklifts. This innovation, marked by enhanced energy efficiency, reduced noise, and extended maintenance intervals, showcases ZF's commitment to advancing forklift technology.

In conclusion, ZF Group's participation at EXCON India 2023 underscores its dedication to shaping the future of construction through innovative, sustainable, and high-performance solutions across the spectrum of electrification, braking systems, and forklift technology.