ZF Showcase its New Electric Axles in Busworld 2023

Leveraging ZF Group’s in-house developed innovative electric drive platform, AxTrax 2 LF provides optimized performance and efficiency for battery electric, fuel cell and trolley buses

ZF Showcase its New Electric Axles in Busworld 2023

Friedrichshafen, Germany- ZF’s Commercial Vehicle Solutions (CVS) division of ZF Group will further advance the electrification of public transportation at Busworld 2023. To be held in Brussels from 7 to 12 October, ZF will demonstrate its latest e-Mobility technologies, and for the first time, showcase its advanced new AxTrax 2 LF electric portal axle for low-floor city buses. The new axle represents ZF’s latest e-Mobility evolution, offering improved performance to further support the commercial vehicle industry’s transformation towards a more sustainable future. The series production of AxTrax 2 LF is set to commence in 2025.

Mr. Winfried Gründler, Driveline Systems Product Line Leader with ZF’s Commercial Vehicle Solutions division said that, The addition of AxTrax 2 LF to our extensive line of electric powertrains represents a significant expansion of our game-changing scalable and modular e-Drive kit.

"AxTrax 2 LF is the most recent step in ZF's support for commercial vehicle manufacturers as they transition to zero-emission technologies." "Whether it's complete turn-key systems or components, ZF has the one-stop shop capabilities to help electrify manufacturers' vehicle platforms all over the world," Gründler noted.

System approach: simplifying bus electrification

ZF's new AxTrax 2 LF low-floor electric axle includes two stand-alone silicon carbide (SiC) inverters and a high-performance electric control unit, providing a complete e-drive system for city buses. The small form of the AxTrax 2 LF maximises available space for the passenger compartment or batteries, allowing for passenger-friendly bus design concepts. The new axle, which has the same installation area as its predecessor AxTrax AVE, is completely compatible with ZF's air suspension and wheel-end solutions. AxTrax 2 LF also benefits from ZF's significant experience in developing cutting-edge capabilities like axle condition monitoring and cyber security.

AxTrax 2 LF is offered in two versions, both of which are highly efficient and powerful. These have constant power outputs of 260 kW and 360 kW, respectively, as well as peak torques of 22,700 Nm and 37,300 Nm. The more powerful type can reach a 20% climbing ability even for articulated buses weighing up to 29 tonnes with one powered axle.

The new AxTrax 2 LF offers single-speed operation and up to 10% energy savings over the previous generation, making it ideal for the frequent stop-start nature and comparatively lower average speeds of city-bus rides. Its innovative oil cooling system optimises operating temperature and lubrication by adjusting the oil flow rate.

Join ZF at Brussels' Busworld 2023

ZF will showcase some of its latest products as well as live technology demonstrations at Busworld 2023. This will include how ZF is empowering manufacturers as well as bus and coach fleets for the future with innovative electrification systems, automated depot applications and intelligent connectivity solutions.